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Stone Pavers Melbourne

D N F Tiling is Committed in Providing the Most Beautiful and Excellent Quality Pavers in Melbourne

Many houses these days use pavers or outdoor tiles because stone pavers in Melbourne are easily maintained, are highly durable and they survive the high amount of heat, water, foot traffic and dirt. Furthermore, D N F Tiling has a huge range of outdoor pavers and tiles that are available in different patterns, designs and styles. This helps you while making your decision of which tile to go for and you can easily select any design that suits your needs best.

Whether it is a driveway, pathway, pool and its surrounding area or an entertaining area, tiles are a great way to make your space more beautiful and elegant. We have tiles available in three textures that are Natural Stone, Marble and Granite. They are available in all sizes and shapes with normal or curved cuts. All our tiles are made with special quality stones and we ensure you that they will be within your budget.

Bathroom tiles are quite different from indoor room tiles. We also provide tiles that are non-porous, which means they can resist water and stains, they can withstand heavy duty and are shatterproof. We also have salt-safe tiles that are a better choice for outdoor and around pool areas.

Below are the tiles we use for stone pavers in Melbourne:

Natural Stone

When it comes to natural stone, it has several beautiful characteristics. The beauty of natural stone is that it has variation in veining and colour in each of its tile. Therefore, when the tiles are placed together, this distinct feature of natural stone is what makes the area look more beautiful, without any design or style. Some notable characteristics of natural stone tiles are:

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Less expensive than granite and marble
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Spill-ups can be cleaned right away
  • Porous
  • Prone to fracturing, staining and scratching


Having a soft tone and different colours in each vein of the tile, Marble is the most popular stone pavers in Melbourne. Its ability to reflect light is its most distinct quality, which makes it a popular choice in the houses of Melbourne. Marble is the most popular choice for floors, counter tops, foyers, facings, fireplaces and bathrooms. Choose the right colour and you can change the entire look of your room with marble. Marble:

  • Has variety of hues in each piece
  • Has an moderately shiny surface
  • Have translucent qualities
  • Looks beautiful and glowy at night
  • Biodegradable and eco friendly


A beautiful and hardwearing stone paver, which is used widely in bathrooms and kitchens. Granite has become the popular choice in elite houses. Granite’s classic elegance and natural beauty is no match for other synthetic materials. It can be cut easily in to any shape to meet the requirements of your room or any other area. Granite:

  • Require less maintenance
  • Have a longer life than other stone pavers do
  • Can withstand spills
  • Grease and stain resistant
  • Can be easily cleaned with a rag

Our products meet the requirements of Australia’s Concrete Masonry Association. We operate in quality-controlled conditions to ensure 100% customer satisfaction so that our clients keep coming back to us.

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